Guest blog by Les Dennis

In November 2017 I found myself faced with an ‘exciting’ opportunity. I had been chosen, alongside Susannah Constantine, Miles Jupp & Tameka Empson to compete in the legendary Tough Guy event for sport relief 2018 to raise money for the amazing charity.

There was only one problem… the Tough Guy is one of the hardest endurance events in the world, and I was not fit, not at all.

I was carrying too much weight and had just found out I was pre-diabetic, plus, besides walking the dog, I did little or no exercise.

Greg Whyte OBE who was overseeing the Sport Relief challenge suggested we get ourselves a personal trainer, I thought a miracle worker would have been more helpful, but obliged in any-case.

I found Rob as my wife Claire had worked with him in the past and he came highly recommended. He has a private fitness studio in Alderley Edge, very close to where I live so was perfect.

Upon meeting, Rob and I got on really well, he took me through his nutrition and lifestyle plan straight away then made me do a fitness test involving a mile run! I walked most of the run, and struggled through the tests but was determined to improve.

In the period of just 10 weeks from meeting Rob to the date of the Tough Guy my health transformed. I lost almost 2 stone in weight, my knees and back no longer hurt me at all, I am no longer pre-diabetic and for first time in my memory I can run comfortably. I also feel much more relaxed overall and have way more energy as a result of becoming fitter, stronger and healthier.

I have boxed in his studio as well as on top of The Edge, I have walked up onto The Edge and even gone running with a heavy weighted vest on, I’ve learnt to swing kettlebells, do effective core exercises and to use a suspension trainer, not to mention how to breathe properly!

He even went so far as to have my healthy meals delivered to me from a company he works with to ensure I did not deviate from the healthy eating plan.

It was a true transformation and I feel fitter, stronger and more relaxed than I have done in years and, most importantly, I completed the Tough Guy, which I simply could not have imagined doing back in November!

Thank you Rob, and I look forward to many more sessions with you in future.