Create The Life That You Want

In my private client work, I specialise in removing anxiety, the rapid release of phobias, freeing people from addiction, easing the symptoms of OCD and ADHD, releasing trauma and simply coaching people to achieve positive change in their lives.

My clients range from children with phobias or anxiety to war veterans requiring help with PTSD and life coaching. I am also currently working with several high profile celebrities either on specific work projects or as their long term life coach.

All of my private work is charged at £130 per hour, and there is a minimum session length of 90 minutes. Discounts may be available periodically for advance purchase of multiple sessions.

You can read more about the specific work I do in my blog as well as information about phobias, addiction, anxiety and many more topics which will help you even before you book in to see me.

Sessions can be held at my private clinic in Alderley Edge, at clients’ homes, over the phone or via video link where required.

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