How would you like to engage with a guaranteed weight loss programme?
You might be wondering how I can offer something like this, or indeed, how anyone can… but it really is very simple.
After a few hundred positive client results, you lose any doubt that your approach is 100% effective, and you can sell it with absolute confidence.
The reason my approach works so well is because it is bespoke.
It does follow a standardised formula, but it is uniquely tailored to each client, and in my opinion, ANY weight loss programme for anyone MUST be bespoke.
This is quite simply because every individual in the world has bespoke needs, a unique experience of life that has led them to the stage where they are ready to ask for help, and therefore they need their own unique path out of their situation.
If anyone is selling a generic weight loss plan or meal plan then it just isn’t going to work for everyone, it can’t possibly.
I begin my programme with a session that will barely mention food…
Relying on the concept that WE ALL KNOW WHAT TO DO, WE JUST DON’T DO IT – I see little point in handing over information to follow that the individual will most likely already be aware of: such a diet plan, a meal plan etc etc… It is absolutely pointless until you have discussed, in detail; the reasons why they aren’t already practicing self care, the reasons why they are where they are, and what is stopping them from moving forwards. This can be seen as ‘dismantling the roadblocks to success’ and it is a therapeutic process, and one which I am highly effective at.
After this process is over, which can take one or two sessions, we then are in a position to build a future that includes effective self care, proper nutrition, proper sleep, proper exercise and a positive mindset, and this is again a specialist area for me, and one for which I have a formula and a process that works, EVERY TIME.
Once the roadblocks have been dismantled it is amazing how easy it is to create an optimal lifestyle that works for each individual and to achieve remarkable weight loss results among other benefits of course.
So, if you have been struggling for months, or most likely years with weight loss or in achieving a healthy lifestyle generally, then get in touch to find out how I can help you.
The waiting list for sessions with me is currently around three weeks, so please get in touch soon if you would like help in the near future.
The programme starts at £850, which includes up to 6 hours of contact time with me, and all the materials you need for guaranteed success.