personalised-meditations-by robert-brennanThe (forced) transition to being an exclusively online coach due to the lockdown, has actually been a really positive one.

Clients are more relaxed in their own homes and therefore open up more quickly to allow us to explore what we need to explore more effectively.

It has also removed geographical boundaries to what I do. Clients would travel long distances to see me for before lockdown, but now it is so much easier.

I now regularly work with people from all over the UK and the world and the results are as good, if not better than before.

One of the most positive enhancements for my business is the ease at which I can now (having invested in the required equipment) record high quality, personalised meditations for my clients, either during their sessions or afterwards.

They can then listen to these in their own time between sessions to accelerate the benefits.

Working online enables a far better recording environment than when, in face to face sessions, therapists try to make useful recordings. The quality just doesn’t compare.

These recordings have been so effective and popular, that I am now getting requests for personalised meditations from people who aren’t my clients, for themselves and/or their children.

Some of the issues I have been requested to address so far have included general anxiety, depression, insomnia, phobias, boosting mindfulness and improving attitudes to learning in children.

The demand has led me to come up with a new product offering…

I can now produce a 20 minute guided meditation, tailored to any specific client needs for £299, or can do three, 20 minute meditations for £799.

All I require is a 10-15 minute consultation to outline what the meditation is for and what personalised content to include, and that’s it.

I already have a waiting list to produce these recordings just from existing client referrals, but I am offering 25% off the first 10 orders made through social media, which will be delivered as soon as is physically possible!

Please email to place your order and book your consultation.

Due to significant demand, I will require a £150 deposit in order to commence work on your project, and can only book in initial consultations for orders where the deposit has been paid.

You can make the deposit payment of £150 using the following PayPal link, ensuring that you leave your name and email address in the notes: