12 Month Life Optimisation Programme
– Exclusive New Year Offer for 2021

12-month-programme2020 was very strange year for all of us, it was certainly extremely difficult for many businesses and individuals across the globe.

Some have thrived of course; online sales / deliveries, food delivery and anything PPE / personal hygiene based, but this is certainly the minority.

One thing I started to notice was that despite the pandemic and inevitable couple of quiet months from late March (when I was unable to see people face to face and hadn’t yet setup as an online coach), since transitioning online, I have become progressively busier each month.

For the last few months, I have been able to see people face to face as well as online where appropriate, which has also been a great boost. Online sessions are fantastic, with all the modern technology making it seem as though you are right there with the client, but sometimes you need the energy of a face to face session to really help someone. 

It is interesting to note that as my clients continued to increase, not everyone was coming to me with pandemic linked symptoms at all, contrary to what one might assume. 

People seemed to be reflecting on their lives in 2020 and making the decision to ‘sort things out’ whether that was clearing out their home, learning a new skill or seeing a therapist about that niggling phobia, anxiety or insomnia that they had previously just put up with. 

It is like 2020 has made us less tolerant to things that we can get help with, and more people are taking action in that regard. 

So, in light of this, the people I have seen are generally having a better life now than before the madness of 2020 began. They have found light in the darkness and achieved personal growth when all around them seems to be in decline. 

The coaching clients I am seeing are all thriving, they had a genuinely good year. Crazy as it sounds, for the people I am working with regularly, 2020 was a year of progress and positive change, and we are now building to an incredible 2021. 

Life is often hard, riddled with challenges and obstacles but it is ultimately what you make of it. Finding positives, even in a year like we have just had is possible. Struggling does not mean failing, and it is okay to ask for help when you need it. 

I have a huge amount of bookings now for January and February for one off issues such as phobias or insomnia and also for long term coaching programmes. I have booked in several days of corporate work, primarily running clinics to support the mental health of staff, and I have a strong book of regular clients. 

As my diary is filling fast, I wanted to take this opportunity to increase my long term coaching work, as this is among the most satisfying work that I do. I have reviewed my schedule for 2021 and have enough capacity to take on just 5 more people for a brand new annual coaching programme, to help them to have an amazing 2021.

I am naming the new programme The Life Optimisation Programme as that is effectively what I am doing with people each day, helping them to optimise their lives. 

My approach is flexible and led by the needs of each client, but ultimately I have a formula that I broadly follow that achieves consistent results. It combines coaching, nlp, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, elements of CBT and other therapies as well as the incredible Havening Techniques, and it works incredibly well. 

The 5 spaces will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis, and the cost is £175 per month for the year. For that, you get 9 (2 hour) sessions with me, spread over the year to suit your needs and to ensure progress is both rapid and consistent. You will also get unlimited support in between sessions, a homework workbook and a journal to guide you through the year. 

To buy 9 sessions individually costs £2,565 (£285 per session), so this programme will save you £465, plus is has the benefit of being a structured programme with the included extra support. 

Please fill in my contact form here, email me or call me on 07789636873 if you want to take a place on the programme.