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Why Are You Not Burning Fat & Getting Lean?

lose fat and get leanIf you’ve improved your diet and upped your training but aren’t getting results, this is the article for you. You can be taking care of the obvious things, such as exercising, sleeping more, drinking water and keeping your diet (fairly) clean, but the following key things could still be derailing you.

Too much sugar & carbohydrate

Sugar should make up a maximum of 5 percent of your daily calorie consumption according to the World Health Organisation. Currently the national average is about 18 percent. Look for hidden sugar in foods by checking the labels, and cut it out! Don’t eat too much fruit as it also contains lots of sugar, and avoid refined carbs like bread and pasta which are barely any different to sugar as far as your body is concerned.

Too much cardio

Cardiovascular exercise isn’t the best choice for weight loss. Research has shown that resistance training and high intensity interval training work better for burning fat and boosting your metabolism overall. So hit the weights rather than the treadmill.

Not stretching

Stretching improves flexibility and range of motion (ROM). Increasing your ROM increases the number of muscle fibres recruited when you train and ensure muscles, joints, and connective tissue remain healthy. It also reduces risk of injury so you can train harder and more frequently.
Not enough protein

Your body needs around 1g of protein for each kg of body weight just to maintain your current muscle mass. If you are working out regularly and want to increase your muscle mass, you will need around 1.5-2g per day. So, if you are not consuming this much, don’t expect to be getting stronger and leaner.

Not lifting enough

Quite simply; if you are not struggling to complete the last couple of reps in each set of your weights sessions, if you are not getting a healthy level of perspiration on your brow, and if you are not going home with slightly wobbly legs and arms then you may not be pushing yourself hard enough in the gym and you will struggle to grow muscle and get lean.

lose fat and get lean

Relying too much on extreme diets

Very low calorie dieting may knock pounds off of your weight, but it’s not all fat. In fact, much of it is likely to be muscle mass and water, and you will do irreversible damage to your metabolism, making the achievement and maintenance of your long term physical goals impossible.

You’re stressed!

Stress can cause an increase in sugar cravings and hunger in general, leading to weight gain and loss of muscle mass, not to mention the mental and emotional consequences. So, book yourself a massage and do some relaxation exercises or yoga to help reduce stress levels. You can even try guided mediation or hypnotherapy.

So, if you want to improve your physique, and results in the gym then consider the above advice. If you still find that you are struggling or you need support with the implementation of any of the above, then get in touch.

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