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What I Do – Robert Brennan – Personal Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Meditation & NLP Coach

I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 8 years now and have constantly expanded what I can do to help people.

It has reached a point where I can offer a complete package of physical and mental health services to individuals and corporations, and the list of services is so long that most people don’t know the full extent of what I do, even my friends and existing clients!

So, in order to make it easier for people to know how I can help them or their business, here is a short but detailed overview of what it is exactly that I do.

I begun my fitness and health career in 2010 qualifying as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant with specialist certificates in postural correction, obesity management and boxing tuition. I soon added kettlebells, suspension training, group training, spinning and many other things to my offering as I progressed in the industry.

Having worked as a mobile personal trainer in North London for a couple of years with a small team of consultant trainers under me, I decided to move up north to Alderley Edge and setup my own private personal training studio.

My (now) wife bought me an NLP for sport course in 2012 which I absolutely loved, as I could see the power of the mind in achieving success at sport, and how the techniques used clearly had very many ‘non sport’ applications too.

I then set about studying NLP extensively, reading books and doing courses with with people such as Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler (the co-founder of NLP) and Jimmi Petruzzi to deepen my knowledge and skill.

As a qualified Practitioner of NLP I started using it to great effect to remove people’s phobias, fears and boost people’s confidence among many other applications, including some life coaching work.

This work, along side my individual personal training and group fitness work led me to research more and more into how the mind works and I then qualified as a hypnotherapist (or hypnotist) and meditation tutor in 2013.

This training brought my holistic offering up to a place where I was very happy with it and felt that I could offer a unique and all encompassing physical and mental transformation service to clients. I could (and still can) offer my meditation tuition, my health lifestyle and mindset consultation and (some) hypnosis to anywhere in the world over videolink.

It is no coincidence therefore that since early 2014 my business continued to grow, develop and diversify.

balance-mealI added a healthy food delivery service in late 2014, enabling me to not only coach my clients on nutrition and health but to facilitate their healthy eating by delivering food to them.

I also expanded into corporate wellness consulting shortly after this point and now offer a full corporate health service including staff health checks done by qualified nurses and follow up strategic reporting and consulting to boost staff wellness through various means, with some large corporate clients in this area all over the UK.


I can also offer bespoke health and fitness retreats at an incredible venue in Andalusia, Spain on a request only basis, and these are perfectly suited to small groups of friends looking for a total health transformation in a short space of time, or executive groups in business for some health and wellness fueled team bonding.

In a typical week now I will see several personal training clients for fitness work, I will perform my health lifestyle and mindset consultation with private and corporate clients and I will tend to have a few hypnosis and NLP clients which can vary from phobia work to PTSD release to anxiety relief or general life coaching. I seem to be getting more and more phobia work now as I get quicker and more effective at this with increased experience. I will also have corporate health projects to oversee and manage as well as group classes with consultant trainers. I often run corporate seminars on any aspect of physical or mental health, recent topics have included


‘The Keys to Health & Longevity’, ‘The Neuroscience of Food’ and ‘Mindfulness & Meditation’.

It’s a busy lifestyle but it’s so varied and interesting that it is an extremely enjoyable and rewarding career. The biggest bonus of all is that I can help people every day whilst really genuinely loving what I do.

In just the last couple of months, my highlights have been; training a well known celebrity (Les Dennis) from being completely unfit to completing the grueling Tough Guy event for Sport Relief 2018, releasing several life long phobias in adults, being told that people’s lives have changed completely following my health lifestyle and mindset consultations, some incredible physical transformations among my fitness clients and releasing some severe phobias and fears as well as boosting confidence in clients as young as 9 years old.

Les Dennis with fitness trainer Robert Brennan after completing Tough Guy for Sport ReliefAfter all of my years experience, I now strongly believe that I can help absolutely anyone, no matter what the issues are, to feel significantly better than they did before they met me. With a bit of effort we can hopefully get complete health transformations and resolution of any mental challenges. Where things get tough, I have a huge network of incredible professionals in every single aspect of physical and mental health who I can call upon and refer people to with the utmost confidence.

It has taken a long time to build this holistic offering and to deliver it with confidence and also to build such a strong referral network to back it up, but I don’t think it could have been done any faster, well not to the same high standard anyway.

Thank you for reading, and I have now hopefully answered many of the questions you might have had for me!

If you think I can help you, or anyone you know with any aspect of their physical or mental health or general performance, get in touch through my contact form here, or by email on

Robert Brennan