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Susie Rasul, Arbonne Consultant, Manchester (2013)

A good friend of mine recommended Rob as a hypnotherapist and I contacted him about tackling my long term fear of spiders.

Immediately Rob made me feel very relaxed and his clinic room was very professional. I didn’t know what to expect and haven’t tried hypnotherapy before. Rob put me at ease and we spent a lot of the first session talking about my fear and rationalising it. I was surprised at what an impact this had upon me and how effective this was in making me see how my fear was all down to me, and it was up to me to alter my minds blueprint for reacting to spiders.

I found the hypnotherapy so relaxing and it wasn’t what I was expecting having seen hypnotherapy on the TV, but Rob fully explained this to me and I felt in control at all times. Driving home after my first treatment I have never felt so relaxed and on a high. It was bizarre but I felt great. After the first session I knew I wasn’t fully “cured” and knew I had some more work to do but I also knew that I felt empowered to start tackling spiders myself. I started to visualise myself catching a spider and put glasses around the house so I was prepared. I have not been able to tolerate getting rid of spiders humanely for as long as I can remember. It was not long after my second session of hypnotherapy that I was able to humanely remove a very large spider outside by myself. I was so proud of myself. I know that I will never be fully cured or “like” spiders but I know that I have now altered my brains blueprint of how to react when I see a spider and I now know that I am in control and I tell myself to keep calm. I would definitely recommend Rob to anyone that had any kind of fear and is seeking hypnotherapy.