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Rob Haynes – Corporate group class attendee (2013)

How has life changed since you started training with Rob?

I have been attending boxing, cross training and Kettle bell classes with Rob for about a year now and he is fantastic. Rob knows the fine balance of giving you enough encouragement to push you without being forceful which is what ultimately deters most people going to a personal trainer in the first place. Rob is an approachable, friendly guy who clearly has a lot of experience in many different areas of personal training.

Whilst still holding a current gym membership, I am hopeless in finding the drive to actually go. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to my classes with Rob which I never miss; it’s something I look forward to each week without fail. This is mainly down to the fact that every session is different, you can noticeably feel the difference in your performance and physique each week and his classes are thoroughly enjoyable. I have managed to sustain many injuries in my lifetime from one sporting activity or another and Rob always has a different form of exercise to compensate for any that I struggle with. If you’re looking for someone who is proactive, energetic, has a lot of patience and knows what they are doing then Rob is your man, I can’t recommend him enough!