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Emma Berry – Fear of Flying (2017)

fear of flyingAround 3 years ago after flying all my life with no issues I started to develop a fear of flying. The fear grew, and every trip was marred with a ‘knowledge’ that I was headed to certain death. Now I appreciate that sounds dramatic, but anyone that’s ever encountered a phobia will understand that logic does not apply and your brain believes what it believes.

The panic attacks began as soon as flights were booked, I was so sure I wouldn’t reach my destination that I refused to make plans for when we arrived and crucially it started impacting on adventures for the future. My partner and I wanted to see the world together but all I could see was the terror in getting there.

It was time to do something, anything, even if I wasn’t convinced it would work.

Hypnotherapy seemed liked the right choice. I chose Rob because of his experience, and crucially because during our initial consultation he understood, and didn’t make me feel like I was losing the plot! He also gave me faith that this would go away.

One hypnotherapy session later and we booked a trip. As the flight neared I planned our itinerary, got excited about our trip and had not one panic attack in the whole run up to the flight. It was quite simply a transformation.

The flight itself was perfectly manageable, I relaxed and even if I did feel on edge it took very little time to remind myself that flying was perfectly safe and so was I.

So Rob, thank you. You’ve helped give my flight freedom back.