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Cath I’Anson – Spider Phobia Client (2015)

Spider Phobia HypnotherapyFor as long as I can remember I’ve been terrified of spiders. Just to see one in the corner of a room would send me into a fit of panic; I’d start hyperventilating, burst into hysterical tears and scream for my husband to come and rescue me. I was frightened of dead spiders, and even the stalks on the tops of tomatoes made my heart skip a beat because they reminded me of spiders!

It was ridiculous and irrational, and I was concerned about passing my fears onto my children. I can’t stress enough how much Rob has helped me – after just one session, I was able to go home and that very night, caught a house spider in a glass and released it outside. Two weeks after the session, I was the only adult brave enough to hold a tarantula at a child’s party.

Although I still don’t like spiders, thanks to Rob I am now happy enough to be in the same room as one, or if required to, can catch one and remove it from the room.

Thankyou Rob, you’ve genuinely changed my life!