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Stop Choosing Poor Health

Everything we do each day from the food we eat, to how many hours we sleep is a choice. 

Stop Choosing Poor Health - Robert Brennan - Fast Food
Sometimes we end up in places we don’t want to be, or in physical or emotional states we are unhappy with, but again, it is a choice, or a series of choices that got us there.

All necessary knowledge is readily available in terms of achieving optimal health, and has been for years;

Eat fresh, healthy food, don’t overeat, reduce sugar, sleep, manage stress, drink water, socialise regularly, exercise , help others…

So why are we choosing poor health so often?

Do we like being ill? Do we love to whinge about our ailments so much that we consciously self-inflict the damage? Perhaps we hate ourselves? Or maybe we simply want to bankrupt the country with our reckless and costly poor health?

No one knows the answer, but maybe we just don’t believe the advice works. Humans, in fact, have a tendency to fiercely oppose anything which they do not understand and have not seen or experienced first-hand, to prove that it works.

I am sure we have all been on either side of this mentality at some point in our lives and it is a real hamper for progress.

How many more people will lose weight and feel great by eating a lower carbohydrate diet and increasing exercise before everyone will stop buying low-fat junk and starving themselves?

Maybe we just don’t believe it is possible to adopt the new habits?

I’ve heard every excuse over the years “it’s too hard, too expensive, I don’t have time” …But what people really mean is… “IT DOESN’T MATTER TO ME ENOUGH RIGHT NOW”.

If this sounds like you, and you are not in great health, then maybe you would feel differently if you were unfortunate enough to suffer a heart attack, stroke or contract  type 2 diabetes, maybe after that it would matter enough for you to take action.

I can assure you that not a single one of my heart disease or stroke rehabilitation clients, or my clients with cancer find it difficult to make healthy lifestyle changes. This is because to them, the fragility of human life is now very real.

Most people, who are unhealthy but not ill, remain in denial of this fact.  Don’t let this person be you.

Let us finally stop procrastinating over our health, stop wasting everyone’s time and money, making excuses, whinging, whining and essentially choosing poor health.

Stop Choosing Poor Health - Robert Brennan - Doctor

A client (who is not ill) said to me recently, that they woke up to the need to be healthy, not when they had their first grandchild, but when they heard someone talking about their 65 year old father in terms of how many summers he had left. They estimated he had 15 more summers (if they were lucky) and therefore wanted to see as much of him as they could in this time.

How many summers do you think you have left? How willing are you to add a couple more summers on to that number, or even double it, who knows.

I like this way of thinking, and hope it creates the urgency needed for people to start to take action, to never waste another second again.

Whatever your goal, the time has come to help yourself, and finally choose to be healthy.