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Why do so many people wait for either a stroke, a heart attack, the onset of diabetes or other major health trauma before deciding to change their lifestyle and diet?

I do not know the answer to this, however I have worked with many clients with high blood pressure, heart problems, obesity, diabetes and just about any other health complication over the years, and have seen this tendency many times.

Heart HealthThe general medical advice offered to people exhibiting these conditions has been to improve their diet and try to exercise, but limited guidance is given. The only thing they are told for sure is that medication for the rest of their lives is the only thing that will really help. It is the concept that a prescription drug is seen as more important to long term health than a few simple lifestyle and dietary changes that I disagree with.

In China it is said that if you get ill, you sack your doctor! This suggests that they focus on prevention, not quick fix cures; a mindset that I am extremely interested in promoting in the UK.

With my clients, I identify the causes of their health complications and then eliminate the symptoms from within, through lifestyle change and the adoption of healthy habits. For example, if you are told that you need drugs to reduce your blood pressure, then perhaps you need to consider why you have high blood pressure at all and address that cause. The same goes for those on medication to reduce blood sugar; have you tried everything else first?

How would you rate your daily activity level, your diet, your water intake, your sleep, your stress levels and your social life? Are you doing all you can to optimise your vascular and metabolic health? If not, can you improve in some of these areas before considering a lifetime of drugs?

I would suggest in many cases the answer is yes, of course there are lifestyle changes that can help.

proactive health pic 2 fruitsThrough my work with clients on lifestyle change, they exercise more, drink more water and relax more. I can teach stress management and sleep improvement techniques with hypnotherapy and NLP. I also ensure that the diets of my clients are tailored to promote optimal metabolic and vascular health, ensuring they include all of the key compounds the body needs. The result is a more measured, balanced, energised, active and healthy individual with vastly reduced likelihood of developing any health problems at all, including high blood pressure or diabetes, and the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack declines.

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