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Being in a state of hypnosis (or a ‘trance’ state) simply means being in a state of deep relaxation, similar to sleep, where your conscious mind can be bypassed by the therapist and communication can be carried out directly with your subconscious mind. During a state of hypnosis your subconscious mind becomes more receptive to suggestion and influence.

This enables a skilled therapist to seek out and release any negative emotional triggers which dictate your everyday behaviour and habits, freeing you to behave and act as you choose to.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

In short, yes. We all move in and out of a state of trance all day, everyday. Have you ever had to re-read the last few pages of a book because you have no idea what you have just read? Have you ever driven miles past your exit on the motorway? This is simply your brain constantly moving in and out of a form of trance.

In a hypnotherapy session with me, I will ease you into a state of controlled trance and help you to break those unwanted habits, change your undesired behaviour, release your fears and phobias and improve your confidence or even your sleep.

The applications for hypnotherapy are infinite and it is a relaxing and pleasant experience. Read what my clients say about it here.

I have a simple pricing structure and charge just £350 for the release of ANY phobia or to deal with any one issue such as body dysmorphia, insomnia or low confidence. Contact me to book.

I charge a flat fee of £450 to stop people smoking permanently, and have a 100% success rate.

If you think you have more complex needs, or think you may have more than a single problem to fix, then I offer 90 minute stand alone sessions for £175.

Reduce stress, boost wellbeing and improve mindfulness

I have recorded a sleep hypnosis session and also a mindfulness guided meditation for my clients to listen to. If you would like to have either of these sessions for free, please just email me on with which one you would like, and I will send it to you.