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Food Preparation

Having been a personal trainer, nutrition consultant and lifestyle coach for many years, I look for every way possible to help my clients lead healthy and stress free lives.

Often I would give the appropriate nutrition advice but find that people simply could not fulfill it. They were either too busy or just didn’t have the know how to make the right food.

This is why I setup my own healthy food preparation business in 2015, featured here in The Daily Mail. As my business grew and diversified however, I found that I was better off focusing on my own strengths such as hypnosis, personal training and corporate wellness and outsourcing the food preparation to companies which focused solely on that aspect of health.

That is when I tried out many companies, and chose Balance and FitChef to be my associates for healthy meal preparation.

Both are absolutely fantastic, the food is fresh, healthy, varied and delicious and both tick all the desired boxes for healthy food preparation and delivery.


I have aligned myself with both companies as I believe in giving people choice and not just making a sole recommendation.

Balance would be my preferred choice for super healthy and simple clean eating for weight loss and health, however FitChef have a more ‘normal’ menu with many household favorites made by classically trained chefs which are be perfect for longer term maintenance once target weights are reached.

Personally, I choose to order my food from both intermittently to help cope with my busy schedule and to ensure that I always eat as well as possible.