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Elissa Corrigan Reviews Evolution Total Transformation

Elissa Corrigan Evolution Total Transformation - Healthy FoodWe were delighted when Elissa Corrigan, Freelance journalist, health and fitness enthusiast & TV personality offered to review Evolution Total Transformation. 

We were even more delighted when we read her review, below! 

What female with a pulse wouldn’t want to drop a dress size before the Christmas party season? And what if I told you, you could without even lifting a finger… It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Not anymore, welcome to Evolution Total Transformation.

You might have heard of the phrase ‘you can’t out exercise a bad diet’ and it’s correct. You can do all the crunches, squats, runs and planks you want…you won’t get the body you crave without the right diet. And the right diet consists of eating clean and fresh.

Every week on my various social media timelines, I’m accosted by uninformed sellers of Juiceplus, Herbalife, C9 Aloe Cleanse, slimming tablets and Shrinking Violet body wraps, begging me to review their weight loss products. I refuse.

What makes me laugh even more than their absent knowledge of all things nutrition…is the fact that the majority of them are tipping the scales themselves. I wouldn’t get my nashers done by dentist with snaggle teeth and I’m certainly not going to diet advice from a roly poly member of a pyramid scheme.

Which is why it was a breath of fresh air when nutritional guru, Rob Brennan – the man behind Evolution Total Transformation – contacted me to try their ten day healthy eating plan, which promised to shed 8lbs in 10 days, by simply eating clean.

I’ll admit, just after I came back from bootcamp, I was in very good shape and most days my diet is spot on, there was no way I was going to drop 8lbs in 10 days…the plan would have been wasted on me. But my boyfriend Stew, who’s demanding work schedule means eating calorific cr*p on the run, could definitely benefit from the plan.

At 6, 4” my hunky boyfriend weighed 14st 10lbs – which for a big burly man of his size is not overweight, but with our luxury holiday to Dubai looming, it was the perfect time for him to lose some of his cuddly timber.

The plan is simple. Eat what Evolution Total Transformation send you and watch the pounds fall off.  That’s it.

No sweating. 

No starving. 

No meal replacements. 

No nonsense body wraps.

The food, which comes extremely well packaged straight to your door, is delivered three times over ten days. All the meals are clearly labeled with information on ingredients, when to eat and how to cook. Most of the food can be eaten cold, but some of the dinners require a ten minute warming in a pan.

All the tasty, varied meals are freshly prepared by an expert macro chef, who together with creator Rob, has a deep understanding of nutrition.  The diet, which is gluten and diary free, consists of three meals per day, a snack, plus one large salad/veg box, which can be eaten all at once or grazed as required over the day.

A typical day would be; a low GI breakfast bar, a salmon salad, carrot sticks and hummus, a creamy Thai curry for dinner and a healthy brownie to snack on.Elissa Corrigan Evolution Food Box

I tried a few of the meals myself and hand on heart, it was absolutely gorgeous. I was very impressed with the Moroccan lamb, American pancakes and chicken stir fry being some of my particular faves.

Along with your food, Rob sends some natural herbal food supplements to really give yourself a boost and some super liquid chlorophyll that can be added to water. He’s literally got all bases covered.

I suppose what you really want to know is how much weight did my other half lose? Without doing any form of exercise before the holiday, Stew dropped seven pounds in ten days with the scales now reading 14st 3lbs. Which is incredible!

His clothes fit better, he felt healthier and the best thing about it…it was one less thing he needed to think about. To him, time is precious and having healthy, tasty food ready to grab from the fridge everyday was a Godsend.

Anyone who knows me, will testify to the fact I rail against any form of diet which isn’t based on clean and simple eating. So for me to give The Evolution Total Transformation a firm seal of approval, you know it must be good.

It’s exactly the type of healthy eating plan I’m perfectly happy to give two thumbs up, if I didn’t believe in it, there would be no way I would allow my nearest and dearest try it.

Not only does the plan give you a kick start to lose a few pounds, but I believe even after the ten days are over, you can continue to make some of the recipes on your own going forward.

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