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Don’t Become a Christmas Pudding This Winter!

Overweight Santa X Factor has started, supermarket shelves are sprinkled with selection boxes, and reminders about ordering your turkey seem to be everywhere. Yes, the countdown to Christmas has begun.

Whilst the thought of frantic shopping trips, wrapping presents into the early hours and family squabbles over the dinner table may dampen your excitement slightly, ensuring you approach the New Year looking and feeling your best should go some way to bringing back that festive cheer.

Yet this is not an easy task! Between parties, trips to Christmas markets, the endless supply of mince pies, alcohol and chocolate appearing at home or in the office, opportunities for decadence are plentiful and will test your willpower to the limit.

Too many times have I seen new and existing clients in January, with heads hanging low, having piled on weight and devastated their fitness levels in just a few weeks of inactivity and poor diet. It can take a demoralising few weeks of hard graft to get back to where they were before the festive period.

How can you prevent this from happening to you?

The key is an ancient concept, but one which is becoming a buzzword in relation to health and wellness; mindfulness. Mindfulness is the art of being aware of yourself in the present moment, and taking a little time to ensure the decisions you make are the right ones for you, not just right now, but in the long term too.

Mindfulness in terms of eating and drinking is the only way to ever truly achieve and sustain a healthy weight. Over 90% of my weight loss clients report regularly eating for reasons other than hunger, such as stress, tiredness, boredom, peer pressure, sadness or simply ‘because it was there’.

It is important to set your health and fitness goals and keep them in mind, then when you are faced with temptation, just ask yourself whether you REALLY want to indulge, or whether one of the above emotions are overruling your inner purpose. It may be that the answer is ‘YES’, you do want the cake and glass of wine and, of course, the odd treat will not derail you much in the long run. But it is likely that this process of questioning whether you REALLY want something will mean that you start to say no more than you used to. No one is saying that you shouldn’t ever indulge, but you choose when to do so and you keep your long-term health objectives in mind. You will not enjoy yourself less for prioritising your health, but instead find it very empowering to know that you are in control.

There are so many temptations thrown our way at this time of year, and we all love a bit of comfort food in the cold months, but I cannot emphasise how important a habit this is.  Once the festive period is over, you will be able to capitalise on the big January fitness push and excel yourself far beyond what you would otherwise have achieved.

Christmas PuddingSo remember, you are what you eat. Stay active and in control of your health to ensure that you do not become a Christmas Pudding this year!

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