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Don’t be a Good Loser, be a Terrible One!

Lose Weight fastThe lead up to summer is well under way, and with talk of it being the hottest summer ever, you could be forgiven for starting to think about getting in shape for the holiday season.

Every year, millions of people crash diet and exercise extra hard, chasing the dream of a perfect ‘beach body’. They are prepared to do, or pay, almost anything to achieve this, yet the outcome often eludes them. Even those that come close are often soon in worse shape than they were before the holiday fitness drive due to abandoning their best laid plans at the first hint of rain or as soon as they step on the big bird to head off on their holidays. This is where they then stay firmly rooted, until the next holiday, wedding or important event comes about. Incidentally, no one stuck in this cycle seems to enjoy it, but they keep on repeating it over and over again.

This year, when you start to think about your ‘beach body’, and what you are prepared to do to get it, ask yourself this:

“Am I a loser?”

I don’t know what answer you will give to this, but think hard about it…

If you simply lose weight, and put it on again every single year, or sometimes more than once each year, then you sound like an expert loser! But do you enjoy this cyclical starvation/gym binge process, or could there be an easier way to live? Even when you are losing weight (and hating it), do you ever feel like you are really winning?

Who could wear their swimsuit at any point in the year without worrying, or remove their shirt without having to swiftly suck in a beer belly?! Those who can do this all year round are terrible losers…which in this context makes them winners! They haven’t really won anything of course, but they have the winning strategy. These are the people who care about their health every single day, not just for four weeks annually. These are the people who are constantly active, who eat consistently well, who drink alcohol in moderation and who, crucially, ENJOY their lifestyle all year round. They probably don’t eat significantly differently on holiday as they do at home, yet they still enjoy themselves without the need for excess.

So which camp are you in? Are you a loser, or are you a winner?

Remember, the past does not equal the future; whatever you are right now, you can change and choose what you want to be. There is nothing wrong with having an event as a motivating factor but, to not look beyond it to the next one or the one after that, is very short sighted. Ultimately, this way of living is extremely hard work, demoralising, and terrible for your health.

This year, it is time to become a winner. Set your target weight, build, or anything else, and go for it. Work hard and eat well, but if you are not enjoying the process then take a step back and change things until you find yourself on a steady and sure path to greater health; one which you will not feel the need to deviate too far from on holiday and one which you can resume easily afterwards.

When you find your path; your own perfect optimal lifestyle; and you start to enjoy each day of the year, then you will no longer live in fear of holidays and weddings and you will never have to torture yourself before each one again. You will cease to be a loser, and start to win the battle for health at last.

If you want help forging your own winning path then get in touch.

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