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Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine – And Time to Reflect of Course

Goals SuccessAs the nation begins a countdown of Christmas shopping days left, and markets pop up serving mulled wine and festive treats, many of us will be focusing on the weeks ahead and what we have to do to prepare for the big day that is fast approaching.

Yet the next few weeks are a perfect time to begin look backwards as well as forwards, and to take a few moments to think about what you have accomplished in the last 12 months. Whether you realised it or not, you had goals that you wanted to achieve in 2015. Some of these may be obvious to you; maybe it was to take part in a fitness event, lose some weight, or even decorate the lounge or donate a certain amount of time or money to charity. Some, however, may not have been so obvious, but nonetheless, these goals are just as important to meet if we are to top the year off feeling satisfied with our successes.

By making a list of all the ‘obvious’ goals you had for 2015, and digging deep to add those less obvious ones, you can start to see where you have really attained what you wanted to, and where you have not. In a world full of obstacles that appear sent to derail us from getting things done, it’s crucial at this point that you give yourself a huge pat on the back for all of the things you did achieve, however big or small.

It’s also important that you do not ignore the incomplete goals nor simply add them onto the list of ‘things to do in 2016’, but instead hold yourself accountable and explore exactly why it is that you did not manage to get there this time. If just one of the following key components of success was missing, you will not have achieved your goal. So, be honest with yourself:

– Was it that you were not clear about what the goal actually was? It sounds simple, but clearly articulating what you want is harder than you think, so try to be specific and pinpoint exactly what the desired outcome is.

– Was it that you did not fully understand why you wanted it, or plan how you were going to achieve it? Knowing the reasons why you want to achieve something and how you will do it are imperative in being able to reach your target, so ask yourself those questions.

– Did you see this as your goal to achieve? This almost sounds daft, but we often leave things or procrastinate about starting them if we see it as ‘someone else’s job’.

– Did you have the confidence to give it your best shot? This is often the key reason that people are unsuccessful in realising their goals. If this resonates with you, how will you gain more confidence to tackle this in 2016?

– Did you need support from others? Often we need help from those around us or experts in that area, yet for a number of reasons we do not ask for it. So make sure you seek out the support you need and do not let that be a reason for non-achievement.

By pinpointing exactly why it was that you did not meet your goals this year, you are already helping yourself to get there next year. This does not just apply to fitness and health, but to all aspects of your life. So stay focused on the future, enjoy all of the exciting festivities coming up, but make sure that future is full of successes by looking in the rear-view mirror now and again.

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