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Boxing for Fitness

All of my personal and group clients who have tried boxing training have achieved fantastic results.

Whether they have a weight loss, inch loss, stamina or endurance goal, boxing is highly effective.

A brief history of boxing

The first records of boxing as a sport can be traced to Africa and Ancient Egypt. It was the Ancient Greeks who first introduced it to Europe, and it became an Olympic sport in 688BC.

24605948Boxing was popularised during Roman times where it was a brutal fight to the death involving hard leather hand wraps adorned with metal studs. In 393AD however it was deemed too barbaric, even for the Romans, and was abolished.

Boxing re-surfaced in London in the 17th century, where it soon progressed from the brutal contests of the Roman times to a more skilled and regulated affair; early advocates of boxing even included the English Royals.

Over the 19th century, 3 minute rounds were introduced along with restrictions on wrestling and grappling. The development of gloves meant that boxing finally became recognisable as the popular sport it is today.

Boxing is a martial art just like any other. It requires great discipline, courage, skill, balance and agility as well as a gruelling training regime and strict diet to achieve greatness. Professional boxers are amongst the fittest and most highly conditioned athletes in the world.

Boxing for fitness

If reading the above has made you think “but I don’t want to be a boxer, I just want to get fit!” then don’t worry! At my private studio in Alderley Edge, I focus exclusively on boxing for fitness. I also run one hour classes in the Alderley Edge Scout hut, every Thursday at 6pm and Saturday at 10am. The cost is just £6 to drop into one of these classes, or £55 for a ten week block.

Boxing for fitness is a fast and fun way to work out. It involves challenging combinations of punches against pads held by my instructors as well as working with punch bags and performing many other tough fitness drills.

I insist on teaching the correct boxing footwork and technique; unlike many other boxing for fitness organisations. I believe that whether you want to be a boxer or just get fit, it is important to do it right! After learning the basics, you will be bobbing, weaving, slipping and countering at high intensity and your fitness level will soar.

The constant twisting and delivery of punches shocks the body into rapidly building stronger core and arm muscles. The legs, where all of our power originates, get a thorough work out from the rapid footwork, ducking and weaving.

Clients often notice that they have more toned arms after only a few sessions, as well as reduced body-fat around their waist and hips.

Boxing, as well as a phenomenal muscular and cardiovascular workout, is fantastic for developing co-ordination, balance, agility and mental strength. Some of the training drills, as used by professional boxers, will be greatly challenging and you will astonish yourself at what you can achieve.

Contact me to find out more about private or group boxing training in Alderley Edge, Manchester and the wider North West.