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Boxing for Fitness Classes in Alderley Edge

Boxing For Fitness Alderley Edge

My boxing for fitness classes in Alderley Edge have now been running for over three years and have been extremely popular among both men and women wishing to learn a new skill, get fit and lose weight or tone up.

People of all ages and levels of fitness are welcome to attend, and everyone is supported to find their own level to work at comfortably. Both fitness levels and boxing skill improve rapidly in all who attend, and the classes are designed to be fast, fun and challenging.

The classes are held at the Scout Hall on Talbot Road, Alderley Edge every Thursday night 6pm – 7pm and cost just £6.50 to attend. Once you have attended a class you have the option to buy a block of 10 for £50. 


The Thursday night classes are very busy, so please email me or call me to register your interest before you attend on or 07789 636873. 

We are currently looking to setup a Saturday morning class from 10am – 11am. Again, please email or call me should you wish to register your interest in the Saturday morning class,

and you will be notified when it is launched.

I hope to hear from you soon


2 Responses to Boxing for Fitness Classes in Alderley Edge

  • Hi I am interested in a Saturday morning class for 2 places. Do you know yet when it will start?

  • Hi Jane, we are still building up number for the Saturday class, and it is especially quiet over the summer. Can you attend on Thursday evenings at all just to try the class out?

    Many Thanks