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Don’t Beat Yourself Up as the Kids go Back to School

Back_to_school 2015_If you are anything like most of my clients, then you will have most likely spent the last two months either on holiday, packing and unpacking suitcases or at various zoos and theme parks, all whilst working longer hours to make up for any time away and spending a small fortune on childcare!



With structure and routine out of the window at this time, it’s no wonder people often pay less attention to their fitness and health, and are desperate to get back in shape when the kids go back to school…

If this sounds familiar, then  read on.

Don’t beat yourself up

It is ok to enjoy your summer holidays and focus on getting through each hectic day with your family. If you feel guilty for straying from your usual routine and perhaps letting your health and work slip a little, then you are not going to be able to enjoy summer to its fullest.

It can be very healthy to embrace this break from the usual structure and learn to adapt a little more. We can all be in danger of becoming too rigid and structured in our life, so when big changes do occur we fail to cope as well as we could have. Kids cope perfectly well in the summer because their brains are not yet as conditioned into the typical structures of adult life, and are therefore more adaptable.

So relax, be a little disorganised, and don’t worry about the gym or your calorie count. Learn from your children and embrace the mayhem and you will be fresher and more motivated when normality resumes.

It is easy to get back on it

We are habitual beings, and the neurological pathways in the brain laid down by years of routine will never fade. So, don’t worry yourself about ‘starting again’, because no matter how indulgent a summer you have had, you will snap back into your routines seamlessly.

A good thing to do is to write a list at the start of summer of what you want your post summer routine to look like in terms of your health and fitness, then put it away and relax. This way you won’t be worrying about where to start when the time comes, because you have already planned it.

Those ‘holiday blues’ won’t last too long and any weight gained over summer is typically lost very quickly, in the same way that weight lost very quickly is often easily found!

back to school 2015 family

If it matters enough you’ll find a way

Despite the above reassurances, you don’t actually have to lose track of your health and fitness if you don’t want to. It’s more of a challenge, but you could get up an hour earlier to prepare healthy food and to exercise, or go for a run at night when the kids are in bed. You could also try not eating 5 plates of food at each sitting when you are away, just because you paid extra to go ‘all inclusive’, and maybe even doing some exercise on holiday!

So, it’s ok if you find yourself chasing after your kids rather than your health and fitness goals in summer, don’t beat yourself up! You will snap back into the old routines and feel refreshed and invigorated when autumn arrives. But, if your health and fitness goals matter to you enough, and you really want to, you will find a way to stay on track.

Have a fantastic and healthy autumn,


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