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Back to School Fitness

It’s that time again! Your routine has been turned on its head for the last few weeks; you’ve accompanied your children to all kinds of kids’ activities, had a hectic holiday that probably cost too much and didn’t allow you to relax as much as you’d hoped, and you’ve not even started on the never ending list of “must haves” for the new term!

Yet before you know it, the kids will be back in school, your usual routine will resume and the focus needs to shift back to you if you want to hit your fitness goals this autumn.

Fitness works in cycles; sometimes results come quickly and motivation soars, sometimes there are plateaus, where many will falter and give up. Achieving long term success is about accepting and working with these cycles to consistently get results.

We all know that January is a big nationwide fitness push, with “dry Januarys” and new gym memberships aplenty. We also know that by February most of us have fallen off of the wagon, and that by the summer, that fitness push is a distant memory. Yes, there is often a pre-summer holiday boost in effort, but that short lived improvement is soon defeated at the all-inclusive buffet counter or by those pina coladas by the pool!

The key is to try and stay on the wagon as long as possible each New Year, and SOME of what is implemented will become sustainable healthy habits; the formation of which is the key to achieving a longer, healthier and more fulfilled life.

RunningMy challenge is to make September a second BIG annual health push. Ideally everyone would be perfectly healthy all of the time, but remember the cycles; this does not always happen! Whether you have kids or not, having an autumn health kick will re-enforce the positive behaviours from the New Year before they are too far forgotten. This will ensure that you are in far better shape by Christmas and that you start the next January fitness cycle further ahead of where you were the previous year!

Accepting and consistently managing this natural fitness cycle will ensure that your health improves year on year, until your whole life is full of healthy, sustainable habits which are no longer any effort at all. The ultimate goal of a healthy lifestyle will have been achieved.

Exactly what you implement this September is your choice. Perhaps have another dry month or get to bed an hour earlier every night. Try making a 30 minute walk a permanent fixture in your daily routine or dust off the water bottle you got in January and ensure you drink 2-3 litres every day. You could clear those cupboards of chocolate, crisps and junk and think about restarting your weekly swim or going back to Zumba.

School holidays are out, your fitness is in! For a full nutrition, lifestyle and health review contact me and I will support you to build your perfect health strategy this autumn.

Also keep an eye on my Facebook page and twitter account for an exciting competition launching in September with some great prizes!

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